About House of Clarendon

The House of Clarendon is a bakery located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We specialize in beautiful custom cakes and desserts. The House of Clarendon has been in business since the early 2000’s and under the current ownership of Martine Cajas since 2005.


Martine Cajas is the owner and cake designer for House of Clarendon. He has been working diligently to design gorgeous wedding cakes for happy couples since 2005.

Mandy Bussell

Mandy is the head chef in the House of Clarendon kitchen. All of the sweetness of the desserts comes from her special ingredient…love! She has brought smiles to the faces of happy House of Clarendon customers since 2016.

Tanya Kozlyuk

Tanya is the decorator behind the House of Clarendon sweets! She creates all of the gorgeous decorations that make House of Clarendon sweets so unique.

Madi Dodge

Madi is the digital marketing specialist for House of Clarendon. She handles the online and social presence of the company. Chances are, if you’ve gotten an email or seen a Facebook post from the House of Clarendon, that was Madi!


Mark is the photographer and cinematographer for the House of Clarendon. He is the artistic eye behind the awesome photos and videos that House of Clarendon shares with the world.